A Non-Drone Solution

As much as we love drones, we know that sometimes, a drone is not the right tool for a given situation. When we need to get close, low, and stable, we have tools to do that, too.

The OSMO stabilized camera system is built to use the DJI drone cameras, specifically the Zenmuse X3 and X5 systems. Its small size and suite of accessories make it a handy tool for close-confines shooting.

We also use the Zhiyun-Tech Crane system, which carries DSLR systems like our Sony A7Sii.

If our clients want to us their own camera system, or if they want to stabilize an unusual payload, we can mount most cameras that weigh less than 10 pounds on the Ronin MX gimbal system, which is also compatible with our Matrice 600 hexacopter.

When the situation calls for an elevated camera solution, and drones are not an option, Hover Solutions uses a 25-foot telescoping rod to carry the remotely-operated OSMO system. This allows us to mimic aerial boom footage.

Using the telescoping rod requires two people, and due to the unsteady nature of the system, we recommend using it for photography over videography, although we will gladly do both.

Osmo Videos

Comparison: Handheld vs. Stabilized
Aerial Boom Footage: Howard County Fair, 2016
Hand-held OSMO Footage