Before you break ground, throughout the construction process, and when it’s all done, aerial images contribute valuable information at every stage. Whether it’s maps, models and topo data* for planning, or progress documentation and inspection data during construction, or marketing images when you’re done, Hover Solutions has an aerial imaging solution for you and your team.

Our drones can get the aerial images you need, our mapping software can generate precise, fresh data* to use on its own or to feed into your own CAD software, our thermal and multi-spectral cameras on our drones can reveal crucial information beyond visible light, and we can do this as many times as you need it to document and guide the progress of your project.

Our construction clients in the area have used our work to document their weekly progress, make insurance claims, verify the work of subcontractors, communicate with investors, inspect existing structures, resolve disputes, and gather other kinds of practical data on their projects.

We have been working with construction contractors since 2017.   We have 3M in aviation liability insurance, 2M in commercial general liability insurance, and workers’ comp to carry the burden of risk for drone operations on a construction site.

Our drones cover a lot of land quickly, taking photographs every few seconds. Using photogrammetric software, Hover Solutions uses these photos to generate:

*Hover Solutions, LLC is NOT a registered survey or engineering firm. The images we create, while precise and accurate, are for estimation, illustration, reporting or marketing purposes only and cannot be used to legally establish any measurement that normally requires a survey or engineering firm. We can work with survey and engineering firms to provide the aerial images and models they need for their licensed imaging projects (the photo of contours shown above was created in cooperation with a licensed survey firm).