The District of Columbia is home to many of the nation’s most secure and sensitive offices and organizations. Since September 11, 2001, a flight security zone roughly 35 miles wide has been set in place over the entire DC area, centered on Reagan National Airport. Within this zone, flight operations are highly restricted.

Recreational and casual drone operations are prohibited within the Flight Restricted Zone. However, civil and public drone operations may take place in the FRZ with a security waiver approved and issued by the Transportation Security Administration, and coordinated through the National Capital Region Coordination Center.

Hover Solutions has received more than 130 waivers to fly drones in the Flight Restricted Zone, and we’re happy to work with you to provide aerial services for your project in this zone.

If you need an operation completed within the FRZ, please note that the current waiver process requires filing for the authorization 14-30 days in advance of the date we would fly. Please Contact Us to learn what materials you can provide us to allow us to quickly and successfully file for the waivers we need to realize your goals.

Due to the number of factors involved in flying within seven nautical miles of Reagan Airport, Hover Solutions must file for waivers in that area a full 30 days in advance of the flight date. This allows sufficient time to process the application and arrange for police presence and other permits as required.

Additional special restrictions:

  • Altitudes above 400 feet above the ground will not be authorized anywhere in the FRZ.
  • Flights may not take place from moving vehicles, or from boats (stationary or moving).
  • No commercial flights are authorized between sunset and sunrise, measured locally.
  • No commercial flights have yet been approved inside the P56-A (National Mall area) and P56-B (Naval Observatory) prohibited zones.

If you would like Hover Solutions to provide drone work for a project in the DC area, please complete the form below.